The illustrated trailer back

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The trailer back is quite difficult and it. Handle to reverse the cut got well. And this man, their passenger car behind the rear car from one state to imagine. It a try. Right, hard just.

Here is a basic"right back"about the commentary tried. You understand how, and talent is. Want to experience if the driver's license Bureau to let go. 4000 yen is testing them. Received from without,interesting.

The figure from upper left to lower right position to the back. The blue part is the obstacle. The front wheels will (or mini car is steering out of)pink in there.

First, for the position of the front wheel to notice. The handle to the left to cut off not working......... Ordinary cars to the right back when right turn the steering wheel. The opposite is true. Very close to all reverse in. And to the right from the handle to cut. It is noteworthy that the tractor(front of car)of the rear wheel of the movement.


The first stop for that position is to the right, not too small. In the diagram below, but first head right to the use of any space requires. Also, right not thing to consider,a little before the stop of the content.. Otherwise, you can inside received from your company.

First is a trailer (rear of car)of ass you want to go right toward it. The front and rear of the car folded like an image. Trailer 1 cars and see. At this time, the front wheel is the rear wheel of the tractor is. Yes, this rear wheel of the tractor direction of attention. The right to motivate us to do great things. Trailer side if you just look,an ordinary car back and the same. One is for the handle to the left to cut was the rear wheel of the tractor to the right for was.

Try to handle to the right to cut that image to try. Yes, contrary to go by then.

In fact, the road width and into which the width of the trailer,the tractor of the long time required,this is the handle back on. Tractor is straight but if it is,the front and rear of the car is just broken for you. Decent can turn the handle to the right and cut again. Fold it all back, not just from you.

By the way the trailer is greater,before the movement of the car relative to the reaction dull. So, this is broken too fix. The trailer is short, the reaction is sensitive. Return the handle delayed 30cm is a fix if you can get me here. The proving of the car is really really short of difficult. Before the fix the test at the time of the deduction. One shot in the back, you can have it.

It is a long way but not that it is an ordinary car, as well as greater,narrow to go in.

Another point, an important note to. The trailer is long, and 90 degrees from fold enough fix. However, the vehicle at the time(carrying can)collapse too is like. Trailer side is just the shaft no problem, 2 or more axes(such that when viewed from the trailer tires is 2 or more and two)you should be cautious. Because of the steep angle in the folded state, the trailer of either of the axis of the tire is right next to the go just to stay here. The tire is next to the times it is not unreasonable forces. The worst tire is the one that you need. Let's Be careful. By the way this is moving forward, it is all the same. Further forward, when more than 90 degrees fold and the tractor is moving forward, the trailer is retracted to a strange phenomenon will occur. U-turn at the time, such as the trailing car to learn about the book be careful.


Well, the tractor and trailer are good folded condition from that angle so as to maintain the handle right to it To the left of the figure the degree of angle, the folding angle while keeping the lower can.

3In this case, it should be noted that, the left rear of the safety is. The figure from the position of its down, the tractor tipped to the left a large bulge in. Quite sufficient, even a normal passenger car drivers and pedestrians, such as a trailer, such as movement back and understand that person is almost nil. If a car or person is coming from,in this position stop by and spend.

Also, of course, narrow roads, and be careful. Just back at the right rear of the trailer angle distracted us. Behind if I had seen them before or not, this is like.

Also, at this time the trailer is flat and the body is empty if you except the trailer attached to the tractor rear is in the blind spot there. The left side mirror is also a trailer of the shoulders is not out to see you. If necessary, always down to check let's go.

To a certain extent came from,a broken tractor and trailer back. When you return a handle of how to cut a normal car the opposite. Now to the right, until he had cut the handle,usually straight up that if it's in the trailer is even greater right to cut. That tractor is the trailer for the straight in. Can you image that?



The tractor and trailer in a straight line, and this is at once the handle straight back. You can straight down it. However, a straight line back(tweak)is actually the most difficult category. If there is a chance for explanation.



At this time, if the trailer is completely objective angle (wall parallel to and along the line and from)your tractor before you back for that. On the left of the trailer, slightly parallel to the wall to ago.

The trailer wall and a parallel back from that, and gone too far to reverse for it. Behind it you can fix the space sufficiently, even if the Fix is difficult, a good back timing so that you grab the most enjoy it.

Also, fix that and you just left the back of the hand,hard. Left back why hard it is at the bottom explained.

The image can be? This is the basic right of the back we can. The important thing is not this. The handle I cut to know I'm sure of it, so when the panic to stop and think. Also, from I can gather from before,once for the position to go back and re-do.

In fact I'm so well back at you....... However, the theory is this. Viewed from above, the driver's experience is also much different. The most important thing is"accustomed"to.

The left and right of the back of the difference-why difficult? Left back~

Here, the left back is coming to the ADC. First is the basic right from the back, let's see.


In the figure the blue part is the mirror you can see where the Red part is from the window face out such as it can be visually inspected part. White where the blind spot is.

Now, Japan has left-hand traffic, the new car is right handle. The truck is 99% on the right handle. This is the left rear is not visible. Passenger and Luggage, because behind the Windows is nothing if you can't see is often.

Back when you want to go is behind you(there was). The most I see is,at the end of the trailer end portion, and from the trailer you important of the tractor and trailer of the angle.

See the figure. The only place(the trailer's rear end and angle)from the driver's seat is clearly visible. The go ahead is in the driver's seat of the tractor, and the distal end portion is to the right, large for ordinary passenger cars and large trucks than can be seen.

Incidentally, left hand drive is opposite that of right-back is harder. Rarely seen in......
The issue of left back. See the figure. The most necessary information, or the trailer rear end portion is completely blind in my opinion. In this state, are going ahead of what is totally invisible.





Also, the tractor and trailer angle, the left mirror from the slightest of information get. Direct trailer visually the difference from the case,considerable experience and intuition, and now how broken I am not able to understand.

Recently the trailer to the rear end of the camera to the vehicle, but it is also the angle not,well that is difficult.

The blind spot of many a left back is not only challenging, the risk is also increased. Confidence even without overdoing it,descended to make, or someone induced to ask it. However, the trailer's movement to people who do not understand induction,even dangerous you ... License to a person who does not have also, the induction of the opportunities that there are,on this page study.

In the end the easiest solution is a left back not thing. You should get where you want to look right into it. One way, such as unavoidable sometimes,so it's a somewhat circuitous as the right back put in so that the destination would have as a result is safe but not fast.

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